Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Energy, and Psychic Healing

We all have the power to access our own inner wisdom, to heal, to grow and to succeed. 

I am an intuitive energy healer and spiritual mentor. My work is focused on helping you to tap into your own power to heal your body and align with your true self. In this way, lasting and fundamental changes can be created in your body and your life.

You have a birthright to access the power of your inner wisdom and with the awakening of this wisdom the path on which to heal, grow and succeed is revealed.

I am intuitive energy healer. I am a spiritual mentor.
I work to create fundamental change on all levels of the body.
I work intuitively by reading the messages that are being held in your physical and energetic body.
I help my clients shift energy and move blocks to enable them to live a life empowered by their own uniqueness.
I help my clients create fundamental change in their lives by using various healing methods and techniques.
I believe in telling the bodies’ story by listening to what is not being said.
I believe in using energy medicine to decipher the symbolic reason behind the dis-ease.
I support my clients at every stage of their journey to spiritual awakening and healing.

If you are seeking change for body, mind, or spirit, and ready to be empowered by your own uniqueness, contact me by clicking below.

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Intuitive Healing

Becky’s expertise in multiple modalities (e.g. Reiki, cranio-sacral, massage), allows her to mix treatments for the greatest client healing.

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Becky is a talented Tarot reader who helps others gain insight into complex life relationships.

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Classes & Workshops

Attend one of Becky’s classes to learn techniques for enhancing your health and well-being.

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