Monthly Discoveries~ Crown Chakra

We’re more connected to the Universe than we think…

The seventh chakra is our connection to the universal energy, to source, to God, to nature, whatever you want to call it.

The seventh chakra is the place of individualization, the place where you form your own personal connection with the universe.

Not what someone else says but what you know to be the truth about you. It is the place where you develop your own personal connection with the energy that is beyond you.

What does that look like to you? What does it feel like? Look for the place of knowing inside of yourself, even when it doesn’t make any sense. The place of faith. The place you can’t put into words. The place that defies logic. What is that to you?

Sometimes I like to imagine that there is one star out there that is just for you, and that star shines day and night so that it can light your way and give you energy.

That star light comes down from the sky full of love and hope and compassion and it radiates right into the top of your head and fills you up and lifts you up.

That light helps make the day easier, it helps to calm you down.

That light is for you and it wants you to know how special you are and how much you are loved. It is a warm embrace, a compassionate heart.

Find that place inside of you and lean into it whenever you are in need of a loving hand.

It is a clean pure energy with no strings attached.

Allow it to celebrate the beautiful creation that is you.

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Monthly Discoveries ~ Third-Eye Chakra:

Intuition is a Muscle we must learn how to flex…

Circle mandala pattern. Ajna chakra vector illustration.

Intuition, Inner Wisdom, Inner Knowing, the Third Eye.
The sixth chakra is so fun and so helpful when you are living your life consciously.

Intuition, inner wisdom, inner knowing, the third eye also known as the sixth chakra.

The sixth chakra is so fun and so helpful when you are living your life consciously.

The problem is that it is located above your eyes on your forehead, which is really close to your brain, and your brain thinks it knows exactly what you should be doing.

When really your brain has nothing to do with intuition.

Usually when you are in your head you are running a bunch of tapes of how you think life should be and how you should be living and who has more stuff and how you are not good enough.

We get all these thoughts and ideas that naturally we analyze and over think, we worry, and we question- and then we don’t know if it was intuition or not.

So how do you know the difference?
It’s actually quite simple…
Intuition is subtle our ego is not.

The ego is so important. We need our ego. Our ego tells us when we need to eat, it tells as that we need to put gas in the car and that we need to get to work. These are very important things in order to survive in life.

However, our ego is not very good at knowing what your dreams are and what would make you happy beyond belief. That is your intuition. Your ego tends to make decisions based on fear and your intuition makes decisions based on joy.

To hear your intuition, you must pay attention to your body and all the subtle signs.
The information is received through the sixth chakra, but it is interpreted through your body.

When you are beginning to listen to your intuition start with simple questions.

Take a breath, ground your feet to the floor and ask something like, ‘What would be the best thing for my body to eat right now, an apple or a cookie? or ‘Should I go out with my friends tonight, or stay home and rest?’

Then pay attention to what happens. Do you get a yes or a no?

Do you feel more relaxed about one or the other?

Is there a knowing inside that one would be better than the other, even if it goes against what you want?

Follow the intuitive thought and then ACT!

It is important to act on intuition.

That is when you get the confirmation, and then you start to build your confidence so the next time you have to make a decision you will recognize the signs in your body, and you will know to trust the information you are receiving.

Play with this.

Intuition is like a muscle, the more you practice the stronger it will get.

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Monthly Discoveries: Throat Chakra

Are you speaking your truth? Do you speak with compassion and kindness, or from anger and fear?

In January’s Monthly Discoveries, we will explore the Fifth Chakra and go deeper into the meaning and power of harnessing and expressing our truth.

The fifth chakra is located at your throat and is known as the Throat Chakra, or in Sanskrit, Vishuddha.

It is indigo blue in color- and is all about speaking your Truth.

What does it mean to speak your truth?

Partially it is about speaking from your heart and not your head.

It means speaking with compassion and kindness, not anger and fear.

It is standing in your truth even when what you say may be going against the grain, or what the world deems as ‘normal’.

You might be asking yourself- ‘How do I know what my truth is?’

Well if you’ve been following our Monthly Discoveries Chakra Series, you may have noticed how all the chakras we’ve been talking about build upon each other.

We started with our First Chakra clearing out the limiting beliefs from our childhood and our first family, then we worked on discovering what brings us joy in the Second Chakra.

From then we learned to love ourselves and appreciate who we are in our Third Chakra.

While exploring our Fourth Chakra we learned to receive universal love and appreciate ourselves, which brings us to our Fifth Chakra by now hopefully we know a little more about who we are separate from others and what we believe in.

To me it is very important to be in your body and recognize the signs that your body gives you when something is right or wrong for you.

Then you can speak up and say,

‘This makes me feel uncomfortable. I might not know right now why this is uncomfortable, but I need you to stop.’

That is speaking your truth.

You don’t have to wait until you have it figured out or until it is perfect.

Just know that you are allowed to speak and be heard.

If you are not used to speaking out then start with little things but try not to focus on complaining as your source of conversation, talk about how much you like a particular song or talk about something you have been pondering.

What is your favorite color?

Then move into talking about your needs.

Only you know what is best for yourself.

What does your soul need to express?

Come from love and compassion and know that your truth deserves to be heard.




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Monthly Discoveries Heart Chakra

Open Yourself up to Receiving Love through the Heart Chakra.

I want to start by providing a little bit of context about the Heart Chakra before we dive into the healing lesson for this month.

If you’ve been following our journey through the 7 Chakras, we are now at the fourth chakra, for those of you just joining us, welcome!

The Heart Chakra is a pretty big one, so no better time than now to jump on the train!

The fourth chakra is the bridge between the chakras that live in the physical world and the chakras that live in the spiritual world. It is the center of the seven chakras, with three below and three above, and is green in color.

Questions to ask oneself as it pertains to the Heart Chakra:

  • What do you have an affinity for?
  • What do you naturally love?
  • How does the universe love you?
  • How do you receive universal love?

In the study of the Chakras, generally, energy is received from the back and energy is given from the front.

This is rather significant because when we speak about learning how to open yourself up to receiving love- often- we confuse the feeling of giving with receiving. It is much easier to give love then it is to receive. So many people are striving to find love both within themselves and with others, so many people are starving for the feeling of being loved. Far too often we deplete ourselves of receiving because we’re unaware of just how much we’ve been focused on giving.

This is especially true if you are empathic, and if you are reading these blogs then there is a good chance you are.

Energetically, that means that the front of your heart chakra is always reaching out and feeling what other people are feeling.

You become very in tune with other people’s wants and needs, and going back the second chakra, you become so focused on what other people need that you don’t know what you want or what brings you joy.

Learning how to receive universal love is the first step.

You receive loving energy through the back of your heart chakra, between your shoulder blades.

You need to bring energy into your heart; to fill yourself up.

If you are constantly giving without filling up and receiving, then you will eventually wear yourself out and you will have no energy to give to yourself or to others. More importantly, you’re inevitably blocking the channels to receive love.

The lesson of this blog, question to ask yourself:

How do you fill up?

Moving energy to the back of your heart is the first step.

Imagine a warm hand or warm water on your back, or even imagine a rainbow, or flock of hummingbirds going into your back.

Do this every day, multiple times a day, and notice what happens.

If you are having a hard time receiving the energy then ask yourself, “what would it feel like if I were to receive?”

If you are out of practice you might not even be aware of how closed off your energy is, so imagine how it would feel and how would you feel if you were to allow the universal energy to surround you with love.

Baby steps.

Don’t give up if you don’t feel it right away.

Give yourself the homework of doing this for 30 days.

You might have resistance to it at first, but I promise it will be rewarding if you stick with it.

Let me know how it is going for you.



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